How to Prepare for Your Photography Session

Great photographs take preparation. Here’s a few tips that will give you a great photo session.

  1. Meet with your photographer ahead of time to go over what type of photographs you need. Do you need a yearbook, resume photo, or a business photo? Do you want to express your personality in the photo? If so, what location fits your personality? What makes you comfortable so you will be relaxed during the photo session?
  2. Arrive at least 15 minutes early for your appointment. That way you will be relaxed.
  3. Have a positive attitude about being photographed. It should be fun.
  4. Clothing choices are an important decision to make for your photo session. We suggest wearing solid colored clothing with similar hues. Please refrain from wearing intense stripes, patterns, and any item with a logo.
  5. If you want different looks, bring more clothes than you will need so you will have plenty to choose from. Bring all your sports uniforms for senior and athletic photo sessions.
  6. Adults should wear dark shoes and dark socks. White athletic style shoes will pull the eye away from the face. Young children can go barefoot because their small feet are always cute to photograph.
  7. Make sure your hair and makeup look great. We can do some touch up on makeup but hair is difficult to improve with PhotoShop. Bring your hair styling products.
  8. Men should shave right before your appointment.
  9. Jewelry should be simple, after all, you want all eyes focused on you.
  10. Feel free to bring any item that will make you comfortable during the shoot. Bring your favorite music and we will be happy to play it for you.
  11. Think about other uses for your photos before your session (website profile, postcards, business cards, etc.) so that you can get the most from your session.
  12. During the shoot, please allow only those to be photographed to attend. This will help lessen the number of distractions and keep the environment calm and relaxed. We do ask that no personal cameras be used during the session.
  13. Feel free to input any ideas for a photo that you would like to try.
  14. The session times are typically 1-2 hours but will vary depending on the package requested, age of the client, the type of photo you want, number of locations, and outfit changes.
  15. Mini Sessions are typically 25-35min, with 1-2 simple outfit changes, depending on the promotion. Perfect for when you want simple photos, such as a yearbook photo, resume photo, business photo, or holiday photo.